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Repeal the Collingswood school district's ban on children riding their bikes to school

Please join us in opposing the Collingswood school district's policy of not allowing children in the borough's elementary schools to ride their bikes to and from school. This policy prohibits children from doing something kids have done for ages: simply riding their bikes to get around their town. A town like Collingswood, with its outstanding network of neighborhood schools located on slow speed residential streets, is the perfect kind of place to ride a bike in. Schools in similarly-bikeable Haddonfield allow kids to ride to school, as do schools in less bike-friendly Cherrry Hill.

In explaining the prohibition on allowing children to ride to school, school district superintendent Dr. Scott Oswald says that “some of our elementary schools are on heavily traveled roads in Collingswood while others are in neighborhoods where sidewalks are tight and traffic around our schools is prohibitive,” but road conditions are what you make of them. With simple efforts like crossing guards and road cones, a "prohibitive" traffic situation can be tamed. The school district must merely find the will to implement a policy that puts child safety first by demanding that drivers act responsibility when dropping off and picking up their kids from school.

Additionally, this no-bike policy encourages more traffic in and around schools in the morning and afternoons, which is a continual source of frustration expressed at community meetings by those who live around them. Giving kids the option to bike to school is way to reduce traffic and congestion in the neighborhoods in which these schools are located, which is a win for everyone. As Sean Schweitzer of Safe Routes to School in South Jersey laments, "This is an opportunity lost. Walking or bicycling to school gives children time for physical activity and a sense of responsibility and independence; it also creates an opportunity to be outdoors and provides a time to connect with parents, friends and neighbors. The entire community benefits when there is less traffic congestion.”

So please join us in sending a message to Superintendent Oswald that this policy is entirely inappropriate for a town like ours. If Haddonfield can successfully allow kids to bike to school, there is no reason it wouldn't work here.

To learn more about this issue, please see the recent article "Can SJ kids bike to school? Rules vary" from the Courier Post at

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