Make FUHSD Classes Accessible Online

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This is a petition to make online material an option for students who do not want to take the risk of going to school and getting infected. Possible implementation methods could include online classes, agendas/material posted online, or recording lectures.

With the new COVID-19 virus outbreak in the Bay Area, going to school is a huge concern and risk for many students and parents. The severity of this virus is increasing every day and is estimated to be widespread in the next few weeks. Although the cases in the US do not exceed the number affected in other countries, the majority of cases are in California, more specifically, in the Bay Area. The small number of cases is simply due to the lack of testing equipment provided for medical facilities. It is predicted that cases are going to surge within the next month, so action needs to be taken now.

Many students who are sick or have symptoms but still feel obligated to attend school due to testing, makeups, and lack of accessibility to material from home. Additionally, because of the 2-week incubation period of COVID-19, people who have the virus can spread it unknowingly to hundreds of students at school. 

FUHSD schools cannot implement online classes as an option for students without direction from Dr. Sara Cody, the Santa Clara public health officer. Before this outbreak gets any worse, take action and prevent this from spreading into our community.