The Immediate Resignation of the School Superintendent of the Shakopee ISD 720 (Minnesota)

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On behalf of the parents, families, citizens and taxpayers of Shakopee ISD 720, we submit this Letter as a Vote of No Confidence in the Superintendent of Shakopee ISD 720.

We are alarmed and have a lack of trust in the actions of the Superintendent, Dr. Rod Thompson, that have impacted the learning environment of the students in the Shakopee ISD 720.

Partial list of issues:

·      Pattern of fiscal irresponsibility, budget overspending and reduction of district’s reserve funds.

·      Lack of transparency.

·      Non-disclosure of critical information regarding the budgets.

·      Poor communication.

·      Loss or reduction of teacher and support positions to cover the budget shortfall.

·     Condescending attitude toward the concerned community members that School Budgets are complicated to understand or not having the best interests of the students as the focus.

The community of the Shakopee ISD 720 is justifiably upset and unhappy with the deterioration we have observed in our school community.

We are stating that we are uncertain of the future vision and fiscal solvency of Shakopee ISD 720.  The community has lost trust in the Superintendent because of the pattern and behaviors the Superintendent that have been displayed towards the community and the employees of Shakopee ISD 720.

The taxpayers are seen as a never ending bank account for the District.  The lack of leadership and inability to make sound decisions which affect our community are constant and numerous.

While there is some improvement, it is not enough and most of the changes are placating in nature. Many individuals have tried to contact and initiate conversations about the lack of leadership and poor decision making and we are not being heard.  However, when we are heard, the Superintendent actions are defensive and not true ownership of the issues that have been created; and in some cases bullying in nature.

Therefore, the community and taxpayers of Shakopee ISD 720 have signed this letter to call for the resignation of the Superintendent of the Shakopee ISD 720.

There is an overwhelming majority of community who are highly alarmed and dissatisfied with the destructive practices that are affecting our children’s futures and impacting the taxpayers’ purses and dividing our school community.

An overwhelming majority of community believes the Superintendent is fiscally incompetent, non-communicative, ineffective, and cannot perform his duties as a hired employee of the Shakopee ISD 720. 

The Superintendent is damaging the morale and over-stressing our hardworking, devoted teachers’ and support staff. The Superintendent has created an environment that has detrimental results on morale of the excellent teachers and staff at our schools, he has created uncertainty in the positions of our employees in Shakopee ISD 720. 

The Superintendent's actions has caused undo anxiety to ripple through the student body and the students are feeling distressed when they are scared of the unknown.  There has been little sacrifice in the upper level management under the direction of the Superintendent.   As a Superintendent/CEO, he is ultimately responsible for all under his direction. 

The ultimate focus is the students of Shakopee ISD 720. We believe and support the teachers and the support staff.   We all have their best interests in mind.

Respectfully Submitted,

Parents, Families, Citizens and Taxpayers Shakopee ISD 720 Minnesota

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