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Reconsider the layoff of Mr. Keith Yizar

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I am a graduate of Mamaroneck High School. It's been twenty years since I've walked those halls. It's come to the attention of the alumni, to the residents of Mamaroneck, and to the MANY individual's that Mr. Yizar has helped and guided that he is being laid off a year short of his retirement. He has not only put in his "hours", but went well above his "duties" and has touched many people's hearts and lives. He makes a difference and has made a difference to not only myself, but to plenty of others. Speaking from my past I can truly say I remember a select few people during my education who I still hold dear and he is one of them. He made a impact in my life. He has dedicated his life to this district for almost 30 years! This is how the district repays that dedication? Because of a "budget cut?" I choose to believe that people who dedicate their life to help people, especially young, growing adolescents, deserve much more then this! I was always proud to be a "Tiger." However, if this happens I will definitly and always question where I came from. Mr. Yizar should not be let go at all, especially a year before his retirement (in which he deserves more then most tenure). Give him the recognition he deserves for the outstanding work he has given your students, your school and our community. I have a daughter coming into your high school next year. I hope she is as lucky as I am to be able to meet and experiece the true heart of Mr. Yizar. 

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