Save the drowning asylum seekers now!

Save the drowning asylum seekers now!

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David Zammit
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Dear Dr Robert Abela,

A group of some 60  migrants, including 13 women and six children, is currently stranded in Malta’s search and rescue zone, according to a voluntary  emergency rescue hotline service.  We have both a legal and a moral responsibility to rescue people whose vessel is in distress and who are in danger of drowning in Malta's Search and Rescue area.

We are writing to implore you to take the necessary actions to save these people, and also others who are in the same predicament and who are all our brothers and sisters, from death before it is too late. Our common humanity can tolerate no delay in acting to fulfil this most serious obligation. Sending these people back to detention camps where they may be beaten, tortured or killed is also not an option which a civilized country which respects human rights should be prepared to countenance.

All we are asking for is that Malta adhere to its obligations to rescue and not to refoule drowning asylum seekers. We are not presuming to dictate Government's policy on disembarkation insofar as it complies with International law. We also ask this so that Malta's reputation for courage and hospitality, earned after centuries of cruel wars, may not stand disgraced and that we will not be remembered as the generation who, when it came to the test, allowed fear and hate to come between us and the sacred obligations to rescue drowning people and to grant asylum to refugees.