Dr Richard Thompkins; malignant sexual predator- Medical Board inept and corrupt

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Dr. Richard Thompkins is a psychiatrist practising in Adelaide. He has multiple complaints against him since 1998, mainly related to serious sexual misconduct; including kissing a 16-year-old female patient, attempting to engage a patient in a sexual liaison by encouraging her to take illicit drugs while in his office and focusing on the patients’ sex life;  which had no relevance to ber presenting  problems. Another patient was prescribed and administered  excessive amounts of a cotail of  drugs,  then massaged the patient to relieve her anxiety, allegedly  raped her while she was in a semi conscious state. 

Other female patients have been used as unpaid cleaners, house keepers and nannies for his children. One victim/patient who claimed to be Dr. Thompkins’  sexual “partner”,   alledged she witnessed him having   sex with his eldest daughters. Not only did  this have a deleterious effect on the patient,  but Dr. Thompkins attempted to further blur  the already pathological lack of boundaries, by claiming to police she was the live in house keeper. This scenario  would cause  any morally intact person distress, but for an already vulnerable mental health patient the impact would no doubt be  devastating. 

Dr Thompkins meticulously sceens his victims, ensuring they have few supports, are isolated and in vulnerable situations, whilst luring them into a pseudo therapudic setting, using the imbalance of power to manipulate, control and groom them, sometimes for many years. Remembering he claims Medicare rebates on all these victims, it becomes apparent this is not an isolated one off sexual boundary violation, but a long malignant history of abuse against women for self gratification, with intent to further harm by threatening his victims should they disclose his abuse or alternatively gaining sympathy from his victims, often presenting as the victim himself, highlighting the significant role thenvictim/patient has played in supporting him!

Dr Thomkinns had prohibition orders  placed on his prescribing rights in 1998 for reckless and irresponsible prescribing:  South Australian Supreme Court, Thompkins v South Australian Health Commission No. SCVIV-01-274(2001)SASC147(9May2001).


Dr Thompkins is the first and to my knowledge, the only psychiatrist to be sacked from Glenside Hospital for reckless conduct.

Dr Thompkins had civil action against him when he again recklessly prescribed a schedule 8 to a patient whom then proceeded to get in his car and drive home, having a MVA due to the sedating effects of the drugs Dr Thompkins had irresponsibly administered.

Dr Thompkins submitted a number of false and misleading police reports mainly to attempt to intimidate and vexate a patient who posed a threat of disclosure to him, but also attempted to use the police report to make fraudulent claims on his insurance.  Thanks  to an honest and courageous female detective, he was instead cautioned by police.

Dr Thompkins of his own admission  and with pride,  described how he procured a coin collection from a detained  patient who  was psychotic, for a fraction of the real value. When disapproval was expressed, he stated something like,  “I was starting a family and we needed a bigger home, so the money came in handy”.

Currently there are two serious cases of alleged predatory sexual misconduct before the Health Practitioners Tribunal of SA/ Medical Board.  Dr Thompkins and his legal representative, (Mr. Nick Iles, who has a long history of defending sexual predators, is contracted by Medical Insurance Group Australia, (MIGA) for "complex cases"). He presented one of the cases to The Supreme Court of South Australia, applying for a stay of proceedings, the stay of proceeding was not granted. The following is a summary and extracts from the case:

The Application was heard by Justice Peek in the Supreme Court and he dismissed the Application on 1 June 2018.  In his Reasons, His Honour identifies a number of important relevant principles:One of the balancing factors that His Honour considered is the public interest in ensuring that allegations against medical practitioners be properly investigated and if necessary prosecuted. The decision can be found on the link below or  search: South Australian Supreme Court, Thompkins”.  (2018) SASC 72 (1 June 2018)


As is evident Dr Thompkins has taken no responsibility for the harm he has caused for violating the trust of his patients and using his clinical practice as a hunting ground for vulnerable females. Of the two complaints, currently before the Tribunal, Dr Thompkins first alleged he had never treated one patient and claims  he had no recollection of another even though the patient kept detailed journals/ accounts of having sex with him, (court documents clearly show he had a sexual relationship with her. Further it has been alleged   over many years  Dr. Thompkins prescribed excessivevdoses of drugs to one patient to procure sex, made numerous threats to harm the patient, physically abused her child by hanging the young child over a balcony and threatened to "have an accident". 

In 2003 Dr Thompkins was  once again before the Medical Board on complains of sexual misconduct. At the time Dr Thompkins was represented by Ms. Vicky Webster, of Medical Insurance Group Australia, (MIGA). Ms. Webster was informed by a well-respected psychiatrist that Dr. Thompkins was concurrently sexually abusing another patient. Ms. Webster committed perjury and allowed Dr. Thompkins to deny that he had ever had sex with a patient to the Medical Board, whilst she had full knowledge that he was and had sexually abused other patients. His current solicitors Mr. Nick Iles who is contracted by MIGA has a long history of defending sexual predators and on one occasion told a blatant untruth to a police officer, stating a complainant of sexual misconduct "had a mental disorder” in an attempt to discredit the witness, which was a complete and utter untruth. Mr Iles to further discredit the witness, submitted false and tampered with documents. A complaint to the Law society fell on deaf ears, although further dialogue raised concern.  One can only wonder how many other victims could have avoided being abused by Dr Thompkins, if not for the unlawful action of  corrupt solicitors.

Multiple police reports for child sexual abuse   and domestic violence have been lodged against Dr Thompkins, but to date none of these reports have been fully investigated by the sexual abuse unit and only arbitrary paper work has been generated 

The Medical Board and AHPRA now have strong evidence of his misconduct, but he continues to practice unsupervised, treating vulnerable persons,  who in all probability have no knowledge of his history of duplicity and turpitude, with only an arbitory "undertaking", (1. I will not accept any new referrals pertaining to female patients).The full undertakings can be viewed on the AHPRA website: Search, Register   of Practitoners, Richard Thompkins, undertakings.


Dr Thompkins has over 30 years experience in grooming and abusing female patients and children. This undertaking is totally ineffectual and disiproportionate   to the serious nature of alleged misconduct by Dr Thompkins. He has flaunted his abuse of female patents to the extent that on not being prosecuted in 2003, due to Ms. Webster’s perjury he boldly announced,  "Well well  fancy a little old barrister like Vicky, being a downright prostitute."  Dr. Thompkins showed no remorse and a complete disregard for the authority of the Medical Board; recalling further that whilst this case was before the Medical Board in 2003, Dr. Thompkins was involved in abusing another patient

Neither AHPRA nor the Medical Board have  fulfilled their obligation to "protect the public".
If you have any queries or concerns regarding Dr. Thompkins contact AHPRA immediately.