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Remove The Rubble In The ETC

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Over the course of the past 4 years, several of my mechanical engineering friends  have complained about the poor conditions in the E.T.C., which I believe stands for "Engineering Teaching Center". There is rubble beneath the desks in a space called "The T Room". The general condition of furniture in this room can only be described as similar to that in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Map, "Airport." The learning conditions due to the rubble are problematic and even as a Finance and Economics student I am being affected. My friends unhappiness and general discontent has impacted my social life, ability to study for mid terms, and overall quality of life here at UT. 

I conducted a survey and ran a regression analysis in Stata and concluded that the relation between amount of rubble and productivity is negatively correlated and is statistically significant. My findings are shown in the graph, labeled "Productivity v. ETC Rubble Concentration.

The solution is to vacuum up the rubble and fix the desks which are creating said rubble. Please sign this petition to bring attention to the Engineering faculty.

Thank you,

Fahad A. Qadir

Master of Science in Finance Candidate 

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