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Avail “Free” Printing Services in Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT)

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We are directing this petition to the establishment of the Mapua Institute of Technology specifically the staff who deals with the miscellaneous fees.

We have learned that the cost of printing services in MIT (4 pesos) is at least twice the cost of the ones offered outside the campus. Students would need to go outside the campus in order to print important papers for their respective subjects. With this, we would like to kindly request the administration of Mapua to make the printing service free. Going outside the campus  will impose danger to the students who would like to print their files.


Students are bothered by the distance covered from the school campus to the areas where relatively cheap printing services are offered. If the printing services in MIT would be free of cost, students would be subjected to a more convenient task. They would not need to go outside the campus. We believe, with how the miscellaneous fees, combined with other institutional fees, is priced, that making printing services be included in the miscellaneous charges will barely be significant. It gives a significance of having a convenient option for printing purposes, saying that it lessens hassle by taking away the thought of cash payment in the process. This would also lessen the lines in the treasury for the simple management.

We are also requesting that printing services may be available as early as 6:30 AM. This would be a great help for the students whose homework has not been printed yet and would need the service early especially if the assignment is for the first course or subject. IDs needed for scanning after printing and with this, students may prevent their IDs from being blocked if the scanning happened at most 15 minutes after the required starting time  of a day in the institute. We all know that not all of the students here in the Institute have printers in their houses. Some go to computer shops or internet cafes and pay their printing services.

It is very convenient to have a printing service in the Institute but it will be more convenient if it will be included already in the miscellaneous fees and if it will be easy to access. 100 pages is the limit per week of the printing services. A colored printed page is equivalent to 2 pages since it costs more than normal print or grayscale print. Mapua personnel will handle the printing process and encoding of the number of pages printed. The student is requiredto tell their name and their student id number to the handler for finalization.

If our petition is put into play, students can print what they need for their subjects in their strands. The student's convenience should also be prioritized during school time. They should able to devote their time to their respective classes. The registrar office will also benefit as stated that lines for the payment of the printing service will be replaced by our process.


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