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Betterment of Texas State BSW Program

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To Whom It May Concern:
As the 2018 Social Work cohort, we feel that the program can be improved in these ways:

-We feel that we should have more time to prepare and research possible internships. WE are interested in an information session/mini orientation on internships we could interview with for our field placement.

-There should be more staff involved in the internship placement in order to alleviate the field coordinator’s caseload. This would allow more time and consideration for each student during their placement.

- We currently feel unprepared to do a BPSS in our practice three class. There should be more preparation and practice in previous required social work classes.

-There should be more online class options for social work core classes, classes in the summer, and social work electives over the summer.

-There should be one TA for each Practice Three class. Currently there is one TA (Taylor Eberly) for three Practice Three classes.

-Teachers need to be educated in the course they are teaching and provide organized rubrics and guidelines.

-In Practice Three, the workbook assignments should be worth more points because of the amount of work required for only 2 points.

-BSW students should be on the Social Work Committee’s.

-Having classes only on Friday’s for classes like Practice Three or Field Practicum is inconvenient for students who also have to work.

- In Practice Three, we don’t think having the entire class watch each group’s demonstrations is an effective form of teaching how to do a BPSS. Class time should be better utilized.

- The TA and professors need to be on the same page with the syllabus and grading.
Professors need the ability to create their own syllabus/tweak their class while still providing a quality education.

- Our TA is not a BSW which means she is learning the material as we learn it rather than him/her having a knowledge base to help us and grade us on.

- There is not enough time to complete everything on the Practice III syllabus, we had to combine our 3rd and 4th interviews.

- We prefer smaller class sizes (less than 20).

- Last minute changes to our schedules are unacceptable (time/professor).

-Professors should be consulted on what times and days work for them to teach as well as what they prefer to teach/are good at teaching.

- One of our professors this semester, and a professor last semester, both informed students that meetings were held about the courses they were teaching, but professors actually teaching those courses, and who had opinions on them weren't invited to the meetings. This is illogical because Professors are the ones who spend the most time with us.

- We don't feel challenged enough in our curriculum to confidently say that we are fully prepared for the real world of social work beyond schooling.

Although changes will not be implemented in time to affect our cohort, we hope that leadership in the social work program at Texas State take our considerations to heart and make the necessary changes for future students.

We have collected signatures from the students in the social work program who agree with what is stated above. They may add additional improvements next to signature.

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