No pen and paper exams in dcrust.

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Sir this is indeed a stressful and tough time. What every student demands from you is that you try and understand the trauma and stress we all are going through. We wash our hands 10 times a day, we do not go out of our rooms all day, we check internet daily to see if there is any decrease in the daily tally of new cases, even if we get a treat from outside we wash the packet rigorously, we even wash the bananas for gods sake. How do you expect students to travel in public transport and then reaching the hub of corona delhi and then reaching murthal and then assembling in hostels and stay healthy? physically and MENTALLY. 


How do you expect us to eat with peace share notes with peace and just be with peace knowing that we do not have a single person in our university who cares for the students well being. I always had the the feeling the authorities do not care about the students but this is on another level, making us travel from all over the country and then containing in a hostel to just die?  if the exams are held the university will be a covid hub, period. You cant let this happen. the university is for the students, you are appointed for us, you have to admit that students make the university, you have power indeed but you wont have power if there are no students. 

NIT Kurukshetra is not conducting any exams. Why not us? 

That,s what you are expected to do and supposed to do in such GLOBAL PANDEMIC