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I'm Dr. K.Eve Susmitha from Hyderabad .I did my internship in Hyderabad, India. I think doctors don't treat patients with compassion as expected in India.I think it is similar at all the hospitals either government or private.It's not the mistake of doctors but I strongly believe that the Indian medical council should include classes about Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion from the first year of medical school.They do conduct a ethics class during internship where a doctor comes and talks about themselves and a little  about compassion and ethics which doesn't provide the desired impact on students as expected. I have given my exams(PLAB 1 & PLAB 2) in the UK where they taught me how to be compassionate. The above said exams give equal importance to Sympathy, Clinical knowledge & skills. Therefore, I believe Medical Council of India should start calibrating our ethics right from the first year of MBBS to make Compassionate doctors in India. In conclusion, the main difference between the exams conducted in India and other countries like UK & USA is that they test on Sympathy/Empathy right from the first year of Medical School. Please support this petition if you think it is true .This post is not to offend anyone. This change is just to make Doctors in India a bit more compassionate which results in improved satisfaction of the patients and for the betterment of the Indian Medical System.Thank you!