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Make paper towels available to students in the school restrooms

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In this whole entire 4 floor high school, not a single paper towel box is available for use. There is a stall for the disabled that is the only stall in which is accessible to retrieve the paper towels. When in use they are not available. Although the school is very eco friendly and tries to limit the use of paper towels, the automated hand dryers are inconvenient as it takes students longer to dry there hands and get to class on time. Automated hand dryers are actually less sanitary than paper towels. After washing your hands you have to touch a button that is gross and wet as it has been used by many other students, teachers, and guests. Using a hand dryer after washing your hands “is so unhygienic that it might be better to not wash at all”, according to The Daily Telegraph. The newspaper said that the moisture left after only partially drying your hands with an electric dryer makes the spread of bacteria more likely. Gross right, so much for washing our hands. 

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