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Dr. Pollard, President of Montgomery College; Dr. Stephen Kaufman, Board Chair: Maintain in-county tuition rate for students with Deferred Action & TPS

Montgomery College, a leader in the fight for the Maryland DREAM Act and one of the most pro-immigrant institutions in the country, has recently taken an outrageous action against many of its students. They have increased tuition from the in-county to the out-of-state rate to its students with Deferred Action & T.P.S. This sudden hike is an unreasonable burden on students who are paying their way through school and consider Montgomery County home. This hike triples tuition and sends a message of discouragement and dissappointment to many students who once held enormous pride in Montgomery College as an institution that values its diversity. We ask Montgomery College to immediately revert their position and maintain in-county tuition for students with Deferred Action & T.P.S.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President of Montgomery College
    Dr. Pollard
  • Chief of Financial Aid & Admissions
    Melissa Gregory
  • Chairman Board of Trustees
    Dr. Stephen Kaufman

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