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Make Bullying In Schools A Criminal Offence

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Bullying needs to be made illegal in schools.  Whether it is in the playground, in the classroom or on social media.  It doesn't matter at which level it is.  It could be just name calling or it could be physical, it could be both.  The bullying could be just an one off incident or it could be long term, none of it is acceptable.  It is not allowed in the workplace, so why is it in schools?

This is my story:  

Currently my son is refusing to go to school. Reason being is that a boy in year 3 saw him as an easy target yesterday lunch time. It’s not the first time that my son has been picked on by younger children. He has been spat on, kicked and called Piss.

My son is young for his age and is scared of defending himself and as he does not want to be told off by a member of staff. Whilst I have reported the recent incident to school, I felt it was necessary to point out the repercussions that it has on, not only my son, but the people he lives with. My son saves up all his emotions until he gets home and then lashes out. This can mean his siblings and me are hit, being called names or refusing to go to social activities. It also affects my son sleeping. This is what is called a melt down, it isn’t bad behaviour, it’s because my son can’t cope and he needs to let these emotions out in a safe place.

It can also affect when my other 2 get to sleep or it affects what they want to do. My daughter has her GCSES next year and she wants to become a vet. At the moment she is on course to achieve this; but she needs the suitable space to continue to do so. My other son has started secondary school and that is a big step up from primary, he deserves the same suitable space to make the transition successful. I should only have to do one school run and not two in the morning. I’m guessing (we live in a village) 2 school runs is roughly 20 miles.

The schools are my choice for my children and I’m not complaining about the school run if done only once. I am raising the issues that have arisen due to the actions of one selfish individual who clearly gets his kicks out of picking on a weaker individual.

If this was happening in the work place it would be illegal. Why is it acceptable at school? The child and his parents should hang their heads in shame.

Now I hope this is a one off incident, but my son is vulnerable due to a low IQ bordering on learning disabilities and he struggles with school without the added pressures of bullying.  Children have been known to commit suicide due to on going bullying and their families have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.  They shouldn't have to.  Everyone deserves to be safe in their learning.

So if I achieve my goal of making bullying a crime, how would I make it work?  Simple, the parents would be made accountable for their child's actions and then at the age of ten ( the age of criminal responsibility), that responsibility would be that of the child and the parents.





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