Formal Letter of Complaint About the Pathopharmocology Module and Module Leader

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Dear Dr McTernan

We the students of Bsc Biomedical Science and Bsc Biological Sciences Biomedical Science pathway would like to put forward a formal complaint against the Pathopharmocology module and module leader. We feel that the module is disorganised, that we have been treated unfairly with regards to the poor marking of the hypersensitivity report two years in a row, that the module leader has a complete lack of respect for his students (going so far as to make rude remarks about students appearance and other things in class) and that the lack of response to issues raised is poor.

When students have asked the module leader for papers to be re-marked they've been dismissed. Students have had to go to his office and point at their name on the register to prove to him they attended monitored sessions because he chose not to check registers. When students have told him his remarks are rude he has ignored them. 

We feel that this behaviour is disgraceful and certainly not what we expect when we are paying for this course. We ask that you listen to our complaint and help us to resolve this issue that has been ongoing for far too long.

Best wishes,

Bsc Biomedical Science and Bsc Biological Sciences Biomedical Science Pathway