Dr. Pepper: Stop the Sexist "It's Not for Women" Ad Campaign!

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Some Dr Pepper Facebook fans threaning women with rape

The outcry among men and women on the Dr Pepper's Facebook page has been overwhelming. Unfortunately Dr Pepper refuses to respond & instead is deleting posts by anyone who objects to this sexist campaign. Dr Pepper however keeps the Facebook posts that hurl verbal assaults at women "Joe Mag - Good to know you guys are deleting all the posts that are critical to your product but leave all the openly misogynistic ones." Assaults have including further demeaning women by telling us to "shut up and get back in the kitchen" or worse...rape. The ad campaign needs to end now, an apology should immediately be issued along and a statement made about domestic violence - which is happening right now via numerous ongoing comments on Dr Pepper's Facebook page.

karen moran
10 years ago