Add Bus Matrons to the 2018-2019 HHH School Budget

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We, the parents of students in the Half Hollow Hills school district, are increasingly concerned about the unsafe conditions of unsupervised students riding the school buses to and from school. There are numerous reports of students moving while the bus is in motion, jumping over seats, shouting/screaming, bullying, aggressive horseplay that leads to conflicts between students, inappropriate language and behaviors.  The bus driver cannot be expected to handle these issues while operating the bus and managing the aggressive drivers on the roads. Their primary concern should be to get our children to and from school safely. We believe that Bus Matrons/Monitors on all school buses will ensure an environment on the bus that is expected of the students while they are in school. The driver student ratio is 1:60 on certain buses. The driver is supposed to keep their eyes on the road, not the students behind them while operating the motor vehicle. This means, 60 students between the ages of 5 and 17 are left unsupervised for an extended amount of time. Direct supervision of all students on the buses will create a positive outcome and prevent many student conflicts that have to be dealt with during the school day by school administrators. This takes valuable time out the administrators day that could otherwise be used towards continuing to develop the academic excellence that Half Hollow schools are well recognized for and the reason why we as parents chose this district to raise our families. We ask that matrons/monitors are placed on each bus for the 2018-2019 school year to supervise students, while the bus driver is safely driving them to and from school. 

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