Queen’s University: Give Students the Option to Keep Current Grade as Final Mark

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In light of the COVID19 situation, we understand that it is a difficult and uncertain time for many students. Due to unreliable internet and various distractions, hardworking students like yourself may feel increased stress associated with preparing for final exams and completing remaining course work.

While Queen’s University has provided students with the option to change letter grades into a pass/fail, this abolishes all of the student’s efforts in their course work they have completed thus far. For students who have completed the majority of their full year or semester course, they should be allowed to have their mark stand, up to the date of the COVID-19 related halt of face to face classes, as their final course mark.

This precedent has already been set by other Universities in Ontario including the University of Ottawa, where some students have the option to accept a final grade based on reweighting of assignments. This solution allows students to opt-out of writing a final exam helping to alleviate stress associated with uncontrollable circumstances and provides the student with a mark they have earned.