Allow students to listen to music during class

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Over the past years the school district VVSD365U has allowed students on their cellphones in and outside of the classroom. With the school beginning of a new school year, the district decided to change its cellphone policy. The new policy only allows students on their cellphone during lunch and in the 5 minuet passing period. This short period of time isn’t enough to enjoy at least two songs, the students aren’t allowed to text or call family during time of need, nor are they allowed to listen to music even during homeroom or study time in class. Some students can’t focus in silence or sometimes just are having a bad day and want to tone everything out with music while continuing to work through the period. If students are caught on their phone no matter the situation, even if it’s just one time, simply making sure your phone is muted security is called and the student has to give the phone to security to pick it up from the deans office after school. The 2nd time the security is called once again and given to the dean, but the student cannot pick it up himself/herself this time, the parent or guardian of the student has to come to the school before 5 o’clock and get the phone for the child. Intervention is not cared for although it will interrupt the parent/guardians work schedule and/or their plans for the day. Some people work 2 or 3 jobs a day, so for the district to make a rule like this is obscene! They will keep the phone till it is picked up no matter what the parent/guardian says!  This is unfair and uncalled for and the family and friends of Bolingbrook high school students feel that this is uncalled for. Help make change!