Save KDVS: Tell UC Davis to Preserve a Vital Community Resource

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KDVS is the Sacramento area’s 13,000-watt student/community-run freeform radio station operating from UC Davis campus since the late 1960’s.  Even now, during the COVID-19 epidemic, the station continues live programming, in order to foster cultural expression and to serve northern California and beyond.    

The station is located in Freeborn Hall.

From 2013-2018, long-needed improvements to Freeborn were planned.  They included a complete seismic retrofit, ADA accessibility upgrade, and facade restoration. 

Suddenly, in December 2018, the University abruptly announced that it preferred to demolish Freeborn Hall.  Since then, the university has been unable to find adequate space anywhere on campus to relocate the station.    

Two years later, KDVS is still in limbo, with the discussion delving into purging records from its historic collection, settling for a stripped-down operation, and/or unknown future on campus.  This prospect would mark the end to over five decades of collaborative discussion and curation, expressed in the form of live programming:  music, news, public affairs, radio theater, sport simulcasts.

KDVS deserves a guarantee that it will have the space it needs to maintain its world-class archive archive, continue operations, and do so in an accessible manner.