Stop harassing students to take up hostels

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I don't think the students at SRM KTR residing in the hostels are happy about the circular passed around regarding compulsory stay in the hostels for all 4 years. It has upset mostly the first years who are a majority residing inside. The college claims being "a home away from home"  without any consent of the students whatsoever. Such claims are false and denied. The circular passed :talks about how living in a hostel helps provide self confidence, instills discipline and scope for developing ideas etc which are lessons better learnt outside. 

Now sticking to the claims made, I'd like the college authorities to understand the truth.

o  Support staff (Wardens, Deputy Wardens) are inept in speaking fluent English/Hindi which is spoken by most of the students. Therefore asking for any help is a struggle itself. 

o  Didn't know before the circular, that food is prepared in consultation with us. Sincere request to make this process transparent and ensure each and every student's suggestion noted. Also understand that maintaining quality of food isn't the only parameter. The food should taste good and its quantity should not be limited to support claims of "home away from home".

o  Bus facility is open to all students of SRM and is not privileged only for hostel students. 

o  The city of Chennai is one of the oldest and biggest cities of India. The security of students staying outside of campus is not less or greater than their Hostel mates. Proper security services are established at each Apartment Complex and the Police as well.

o  Getting a mobile phone is not uncommon. The circular consisted of a phone facility in the hostels. This might not be a highlight of any hostels in the 2nd decade of 21st century. However never did we know of such existing facility. 

o  Hot water is available not everywhere. Taking example of 2nd and 4th floors of Nelson Mandela block, a geyser is absent. Also such a small geyser at some floors will never be able to serve so many students as there is no direct line for hot water in the bathrooms. All other hostel students constantly whine about clod water in the morning.

o  Drinking water is not a problem in any of the Apartment Complexes, the students stay in. Chennai being a metropolitan city has the ability to provide for it.

o  Power supply is a necessity and should not be listed in comparison to other accommodations. Outside accommodations also do provide uninterrupted power supply.  

o  Hospital and ambulance services are basic civil rights and provided by the state government so not really a reason to consider hostel stay. 

o  The library cannot be accessed by students in hostels after 9:30PM. The hostel staff denies permission to exit the gate. Also the library is not open 24x7. 

o  Wifi provided is another mess. While many websites and services stay blocked (like torrent, online gaming), the speed is not good at evening and night hours. Please understand torrents are not illegal, some content may be.

o  "Hostel inmates can participate in various research activities in the campus easily". While other hostel students are not allowed to visit their friends, this statement remains a mystery how!

o  One table tennis setup in each hostel and one badminton court per hostel. This is the reality of the sport facilities and prove to be in name only. The boys gym consists of 2 electrical treadmills, 2 mechanical treadmills and 2 gym cycles. This big a gym is supposed to serve the needs of students of 1st to 4th year. 

o  Laundry service is paid and not subsidized to be featured in the circular. Such services are available all around civilized ares. Keeping aside the movies screened by the DSA, hostels have never shown movies. Sports broadcast is also very occasional.

I and the people signing this petition would appreciate the college authorities to withdraw the compulsion. We respect the college and come here to study and living accommodation should be left to the students and their parents to decide. Compulsions will never make anyone happy.

I'd request all agreeing with me to sign the petition and spread it among all. We have to take our stand and make the authorities understand what is best for all. Mess food, small rooms, room mates not of our choice make none happy. Please help this cause it you feel its your own. Thanks!