Bring back BPA, DECA, and HOSA for all CHS students

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Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, Coppell ISD will allow only students taking Career and Technical Education courses to participate in the BPA, DECA and HOSA clubs. Although many students enjoy and find benefit in taking these CTE classes, their curricula are oftentimes not associated with the knowledge required to participate and compete in these clubs. Instead, students are expected to prepare for competitions through independent studying and preparation. 

In a competitive academic environment like Coppell, high-achieving students interested in competing have no room in their schedules to take these classes, which do not count towards rank and can be skipped in favor of courses which count for college-credit and rank. This includes classes such as AP Computer Science, AP Macroeconomics/Microeconomics, and AP Biology, which have curricula directly applying to many events. In essence, some students who would like to be in these clubs have been forced to drop more challenging or pertinent courses in favor of CTE classes, while others involved with extracurriculars such as sports and band, along with those planning on joining the International Baccalaureate program, simply have no room for an extra CTE class. In addition, most current members of these clubs, including those who have advanced to the state and national level competitions, will be barred from participating in these clubs due to the lack of a CTE class in their schedules. In fact, the future existence of these clubs could be in question with few students able to participate in accordance with the new rule. Furthermore, many current club members have participated for several years, and with the implementation of this new rule, their hard work may go to waste. For these reasons, we have been inadvertently put in a lose-lose situation - not only will students lose a valuable opportunity, but CHS will also lose the immense recognition that comes with sending hundreds of students to prestigious state, national, and international-level competitions every year.

Overall, the new rule does not benefit the school or students in any way and should, therefore, be reversed. At the very least, existing members should be allowed to remain in the club while new members could be required to take CTE classes. If monetary factors are at issue with reversing this rule, a fundraising effort would be a viable solution.