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Bring Back Hour Lunches at Osceola High School

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Osceola High School is a very populated high school. There is a total enrollment of 2,642. I don't have many complaints when it comes to this school, but there is one in particular that I feel strongly about...lunch times. Last year we had an hour for lunch and it was perfect. Students were able to socialize and have enought time to get food and eat. We also were able to go off campus and eat lunch (which is a district privilege)with plenty of time to eat. Along with being able to eat we were able to go get help from certain teachers and go to our extracurricular activities which is more convient for students who can't stay after school due to work or home issues. This year we have a new Principal, Dr Nia Campbell. As with this new administration they're is always a change in the rules. One of the changes is that we only have 5 minutes to get to class !! You have to push through clogged stairways and run through the hallways just to barely make it to class. We can adapt to that change but the change that is detrimental to our health and education is the cutting of our lunch time to 30 minutes. With 2,634 students dividing into A and B lunch that is on average 1,317 students per each lunch period. From a students perspective that is not enough time. Students can barely eat because the lunch lines are so long, and then once you find a seat and start eating it's already time to go to your next class. This is a Title 1 shool and for some of our students this maybe the only meal of the day, and there isn't even enought time to eat it because we are being rushed to get to our next class. For students that want to go off campus there isn't enough time to go get food and come back to eat all in 30 minutes. Kissimmee is a very big city and the traffic is always heavy. Research even shows students are more productive and active when there are longer lunch times. If Osceola High School and Dr Nia Campbell really cared about their students they would give us back our Hour lunches and I'm sure many students and teachers alike would agree that we would be more productive students. 

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