Stop historic Wetheriggs Pottery in Cumbria from being redeveloped into luxury housing

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We understand that very recently planning permission has been granted to build luxury detached properties on the historic site of Wetheriggs Pottery, a scheduled industrial monument located near Penrith, Cumbria. U.K.
Wetheriggs Pottery is the last complete example of a steam powered country pottery left in the U.K and hence is of significant importance to our industrial heritage. The tradition of English country pottery making has been with us from medieval times onward and is a craft which permeated many aspects of our social life. Although Wetheriggs Pottery has recently been closed as a working pottery, for most of its 165 year life it has contributed much to the local community, from creating traditional wares, which can still be found in local homes to creating many skilled jobs. Until quite recently Wetheriggs Pottery was a historic visitor attraction with almost one hundred thousand visitors per year, where people could see traditional pottery being made, learn how Fred Dibnah restored the steam engine, have a go a making pottery, visit the nature reserve pond with its Great Crested Newts, etc. 
In relation to the planning approval, it seems that the legal channels have been followed, detailed plans drawn, a historic adviser contacted, but considering the importance of this listed and protected site there has seemingly been little intention by the authorities or developers to bring awareness to the local Cumbrian people as to what has been proposed. We actually found out about the approval on page five of the local paper in a small piece vaguely titled ‘Planners approve luxury homes on former pottery site’, while the front page of the same paper featured a piece about a dog who swallowed a golf ball!
Before this development can be allowed to proceed more public awareness should be raised and investigations made into the possibility of the site being taken into trust, or a trust being formed, publicly or privately, to preserve Wetheriggs Pottery for the benefit of future generations. We are sure that if the developers were fully aware of the historic importance of this site they themselves would reconsider embarking on this development and would appreciate that none of us want to live in a society where we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
To this end, we are hopeful that if enough awareness can be raised a way forward can by navigated whereby Wetheriggs Pottery, a site of national historic industrial importance, will be preserved. There is a Save Wetheriggs Pottery Facebook page where you can see videos and photos and read about this historic pottery and learn more about its past.
Thank you in advance for taking time to support this worthwhile petition and please spread the word so that as a community we can all help preserve our heritage for future generations and create a brighter future for Wetherggs past.