Allow Lakehead Students Winter Semester 2022 Options to Remain Hybrid Classes Online.

Allow Lakehead Students Winter Semester 2022 Options to Remain Hybrid Classes Online.

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Started by Robert Jones

The Covid Pandemic has affected many students' lives over the past couple of years and has caused a lot of worry and anxiety over student financial, and physical health. Health authorities have made clear this fall cases of Covid-19 have increased in Ontario and other provinces. Daily rates are expected to climb this coming winter due to public gatherings. As students we are not against in-school classes; however, the switch back to physical and in person classes is too early. We hope that Lakehead can offer a hybrid of online and in person classes.

There are multiple obstacles students face when returning to Lakehead University for the Winter Semester. Students should not have to worry about these challenges and adversities when gaining an education.  The change to in-person classes causes problems for the students who do not live in the city of Thunderbay. Traveling to school far away adds weight financially on students and also creates a strain on time since many need to travel away from home to go to school – and this must be done after finals which ends up being New Year’s Holiday. The issue of finding housing within this short time frame can also pose a challenge.  This situation would not be fair to many traveling, international students with financial or family commitments. Additionally, government regulation changes are evolving constantly due to the changing nature of the pandemic. We are not against in person classes, however for accessibility reasons Lakehead should offer alternatives to in person classes for students who do not live in Thunderbay. Many students coming to learn at Lakehead University are working students and pay for living expenses while pursuing their studies and paying for school. Forcing students to be head back to Lakehead for inperson classes creates a financial burden that students should not need to carry. We are asking Lakehead to provide more accessibility in the way classes are provided for this coming winter semester. Lakehead has not thought about the financial and time strains that in person classes will have on students who live outside of Thunder bay.

Students should be given the opportunity of choice to return to studies in person or online this coming Winter semester and should remain the hybridization classes for this winter semester. Not all students have the option to return to their studies this coming winter semester and would be a disservice to the students unable to return due to family commitments religious reasons, health or financial reasons.  Students do not deserve the anxiety and mental stress that have been placed on them during this pandemic and should not be placed with more difficult choices this upcoming winter semester to choose to feel comfortable and safe in their learning environments during these uncertain times. Please take the time and make your voice heard and make a difference to students everywhere.

Currently, it is recommended by the government of Ontario to limit large gatherings of conjugate settings and limits interactions with others during this time as daily cases of covid is expected to raise during this winter. Recent reports have shown an outbreak at Queens university of 114 cases links are provided below 

Links are provided below of the latest Ontario recommendations of Covid Information




384 have signed. Let’s get to 500!