Keep Coach Harmon and Mrs. Cuomo at Merit

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We, the student body of Merit College Preparatory Academy, are petitioning the Merit School Board and Administration to keep two of Merit’s most invested, dedicated and influential teachers at Merit.

Mrs. Cuomo and Coach Harmon are both amazing, passionate educators who have made a difference in all of our lives.  They push us to try harder, challenge our minds, teach us valuable life skills and have been friends and mentors to us. Each student that has come to either of them with problems has left feeling validated, cared for and supported. They have become our role models and influencers in our lives.

These are the kind of teachers we as students need.  It’s discouraging to loose people who are so inspirational to us and who we’ve come to depend upon. Coach Harmon and Mrs. Cuomo have a vision for us as students, and for this school, that aligns with what we want as well.  We want a school that encourages individuality that supports both students and staff, that cares and that ultimately is here to see everyone succeed. 

Dr. Meeks has always encouraged us to use our voices and stand up for what we believe is right, and to speak out when something is wrong.  We believe it is wrong to:

·         discipline one teacher for things another is applauded for

·         to discipline teachers in front of students

·         to allow personal feelings to negatively impact the student body

·         to let go of teachers that students depend upon

We are asking the Board and the Administration to reconsider the decision not to renew Coach Harmon’s and Mrs. Cuomo’s contracts.  These teachers are needed, valued and indispensable.  They will leave behind shoes that cannot be filled and positions that cannot be replaced.


The Merit Student Body

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