The Healey School's next principal must embrace the school's mission and values

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The Arthur D. Healey School’s charter sets a clear vision for the school as a progressive elementary school.

We, the parents of Healey School students, want to strongly reaffirm our commitment to the mission spelled out in our school’s unification plan that formed the basis of the school’s charter. And we call upon the Somerville Public Schools administration to similarly re-affirm that commitment by ensuring that the next permanent principal of the Healey School embodies and builds upon these principles.

In short, our school needs a strong, empathetic, communicative leader -- someone who is just as committed to progressive education as a progressive society.

Rather than someone who simply accepts and goes along with project-based learning and off-site learning, the Healey needs a leader who is experienced in and believes strongly in these core components of our school -- and who will hire teachers who share that commitment and passion to pursue the mission of the school.

The unique looping structure of the Healey calls for a principal who who will encourage collaboration among members of our looping teaching teams and foster an environment where parent volunteers are welcomed into the classroom environment.

Every school needs a skilled communicator as principal who will make sure teachers, staff, students, and parents always understand what is happening at the school, while at the same time carrying on a two-way dialogue with all these groups. The Healey community also requires a principal who can bridge socioeconomic and linguistic divides by relating to and communicating effectively with the immigrant families who make up a vital part of our larger school family.

Finally, the ideal Healey principal recognizes that trauma is a real part of many of our students’ lives and will ensure that students suffering trauma get the help and resources they need to make our school a nurturing place where all students feel supported and loved.

We know this school and we believe that if you can find someone capable of meeting these needs, our school will come to be viewed as a success by any metric available.

We urge you to prioritize these qualities in the hiring process for our next principal.

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