DR. MARTENS V.S DÈJON MARQUIS "Stop Big Brand Corporation Bullying"

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Hi James Greenwood ECO of Permira and Paul Mason ECO of Dr. Martens, 

Also Noah R. Drake & ANNE HIARING HOCKING of the legal team at Dr. Martens. My Name is DÈJON MARQUIS the owner of the trademark DÈJON MARQUIS & DM. I am writing this letter to you & your company because for well over a year starting on my May 3, 2017 I have been in contact with your legal Team here in the USA Noah & Anne (Donahue Fitzgerald LLP).  Due to the agony it has caused my family. I’m hoping to resolve this matter sooner rather than later.  I was first contacted with cease and desist letter to stop using my DM logo after it was approved by the USTOP.  Which I hired a lawyer to answer the letter stating that the trademarks was used on  Different items including shoes & looked different from yours. Also I was targeting a completely different customer as we are a lifestyle luxury brand. After using the DM & DÈJON MARQUIS on all of my products for years, I’ve never had any problems with confusion with any brands. We have a distinctive logo that’s easily recognizable, which stands for DÈJON MARQUIS .

 Owning my own brand with my name on it was a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. It was to some day be able to design clothes for me, my family and people who love to dress fashionable. On a small scale I have accomplished that. Knowing there are people out in the world wearing my clothes and shoes brings me great joy. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 14 years old and that’s when I made my 1st sweatsuit. It’s what I’ve always wanted and to then leave it for my kids to take over one day. I come from a family of designers (clothing and jewelry). So you see taking this away from me would not only be destroying my dream but it would be taking away from my children. Basically I am trying to let you know I’ve been wanting this my whole life to be successful with owning my own brand. 

 If you look at the marks they are very different because that’s something I take pride in, trying to be original. I would never in a million years try to hurt your brand. I respect the Dr. Martens brand and I believe we can coexist in the market place without any confusion. I even had some of your Dr. Martens employees on camera stating they don’t see any similarities. They also stated they would never be confused buying a DÈJON MARQUIS shoe thinking it was a Dr Martens shoe, because of your distinct style, sole and stitching. 

 This is literally how I take care of my wife & 2 kids DÈJON MARQUIS JR. and Zenia Marquis. This is literally all I have. My goal in my life is to leave this for my kids because it’s so hard in this world. Over the last year my life had been very difficult dealing with this matter a lot of sleepless nights & stressful days trying to find away we can coexist. I am willing to give you exactly what you want. In exchange all I asked for is to use my name with my DM logo together that way it’s being used so there’s no possible way for any confusion. With my brand 90% of the time you see me using my logo this way on my products & it’s been this way for years. Every single product I have, has my name DÈJON MARQUIS with the DM logo on it. From shoes, suits, shirts, hats, T-shirt’s, cuff links, bags, garments bags, boxes, shirts, business cards, Ads, thank you cards to clients and the list goes on. 

 As I’ve stated I respect Dr. Martens and what the brand stands for. I am in no way shape, or form trying to weaken the brand knowing what it means to your team, consumers, and owners! I understand you have been in business for a very long time and will go through great lengths to protect your brand as will as I. So I’m hoping we can settle this matter in an amicable way. Corporation bullying is not the way to go.

Best Regards


So I am asking people to support me because I've tried everything in my power to work with their legal team but it seems very unfair how I've been treated in this situation. If you agree that my DÈJON MARQUIS DM logo doesn't cause the likelihood of confusion against Dr. Martens DM'S logo. please join us in calling on Dr. Martens to END their trademark cancellation No. 92067439 YOU CAN SIGN THE PETITION NOW.