Stop Georgia Public Broadcasting's takeover of iconic Atlanta college radio station Album 88 (WRAS 88.5 FM)!

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Time to SaveWRAS!

On May 6, 2014, Georgia State University announced a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) to trade 98 hours of student-run analog broadcasting on WRAS-Atlanta in exchange for internship opportunities at GPB. You were one of the almost 12,000 people who signed the petition to SaveWRAS, the legendary student-run radio station, WRAS-Atlanta Album 88. Alumni, representing more than 40 years of WRAS broadcasting, organized to preserve the student-controlled radio programming and fight the contract with GPB. After discussions with the GSU administration, Communication dept staff and students, and industry leaders, the Album 88 Alumni crafted an alternative proposal that exceeds all criteria GSU President Becker discussed. Here is the Album 88 Alumni alternative proposal How to help: ● email the following individuals demanding the GPB contract be canceled in favor of the stronger Album 88 Alumni proposal Mark Becker GSU President Douglass Covey GSU VP Student Affairs Tanya Ryan GPB CEO Please cc with all your correspondence ● Please tweet, FB, Instagram and email friends to support the Album 88 Alumni. Use #SaveWRAS & #WRAStrong

Brendan Bender
7 years ago