Dr Mark Bechtel and Caromont Health : Please return the insulin you took that was sent in my name from the drug company and fix the billing issues.

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Since I am disabled and sick (Cirrhosis of the liver, non-alcholic, chronic heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure I am unable to work. I applied for Medicaid, but in South Carolina, Medicaid told me I must first file for Social Security and if I am approved, I can get Medicaid. I have no income coming in so I applied for patient assistance thru the drug company and I was approved. The drug company mailed 10 bottles of Lantus to my doctors office and it was addressed specifically for me. The doctors office called me to come pick it up from his office and not the clinic where I have seen him for the past year. I am uninsured and see him in his clinic because I owed Caromont hospital doctors money from when I was hospitalized many times. I was always a patient of Caromont family practice from when I moved here in 2005 until they said I can no longer be a patient there because I owed the Caromont hospital and physicians money. I had always paid my primary doctor's office visits and owed them nothing but I was told it did not matter. For the past year I have seen Dr Bechtel at a clinic in Clover, SC since I was told I can not see him in his office. We filled out patient assistance paperwork and on October 8, 2013 Sanofi Drug Company mailed Lantus to Dr Bechtel's office for me and it was clearly addressed to me. It clearly states my name and date of birth and the prescription name and number of bottles on the invoice. Sanofi drug company said it is my medicine and not the doctors. It also states on the paperwork that this product is Not For Sale Or Resale and is intended to be used ONLY by the patient identified above. I had emailed the clinic and asked if my medicine came in prior to this because the drug company said they sent it. I did not hear back from them but instead received a phone call from Dr Bechtel's office asking me to come pick up my medicine because it had come in. I was there within a half hour from the time they called me. When I went into the office I told them who I was and that I was there to pick up my medicine. When the receptionist handed me the bag it contained only 2 out of the 10 vials of Lantus. The packing slip was enclosed in the bag and on the outside of the bag it had my full name and the word insulin on it. I asked the receptionist where are the missing bottles. She went to check and came back and told me that since I did not come to pick them up right away they gave them to other patients. My daughter was with me and heard the entire conversation. I asked how can you give away my medicine? They said they will call the Sanofi rep to get more medication for me and not to worry. I said do I need to call the company and tell them what happened and they asked me not to. I said okay and left the office. The following Tuesday the nurse calls me and tells me my medicine came in. I went there expecting to get all my medication that was missing. Instead, I was handed 4 insulin pens. I asked the receptionist where the rest of my medication was and she said, "I have no idea what you are talking about." I then asked to speak to the office manager, Louise. The receptionist came back and told me that Louise is refusing to talk with you and said I needed to go thru the clinic if I need medicine. I then explained to her that my medicine was sent to their office and it was taken. I then asked the receptionist do I need to call the police and make a report? The office manager then called me in to talk. She gave me a hard time saying my medicine should have never been sent there in the first place. I told her Dr Bechtel had it sent there not me.  The nurse came in and lied and said it was accidentally put away as samples and the doctors used it by accident. This again was a different story from the first one. I again asked how am I going to get the rest of my medicine? She said she will talk with Dr Bechtel and get back with me. I told her I really need this medicine because last month I was in the hospital with heart failure and uncontrolled diabetes. I also have Cirrhosis of the liver non-alcholic. I told her I was uninsured and could not afford to pay $202.00 a vial for Lantus. The total cost would be $1600.00. I am not even working because I am so sick. I told her I applied for Medicaid and Social security. She said she would call me and I left the office. On October 23, 2013, I received two certified letters from Dr Bechtel/Caac and from Caromont Family Medicine discharging me as a patient because they said physician doctor patient relationship has been damaged in one letter and the other letter said I was discharged for inappropriate behavior and for being abusive to his staff. Not only did they take the medicine intended for me but he and his staff reported to the hospital that I was never a patient of any of the doctors in his office. Luann and Dr Bechtel said to the hospital billing staff that I was always a clinic patient. I had to go back and get copies of invoices that showed I was a patient at the office and that I paid them money for the office visits. Even after I presented all this information I was still denied because his office manager Luann said when called by the patient rep at Caromont Hospital that I was never a patient there at all. She made this comment while in transit from the Steele Creek office to the Lake Wylie office. I feel they did this to be spiteful so I would not qualify for charity care. The patient rep was given all the proof she needed and questioned it herself. There is close to $100,000 that I owe the hospital now because they lied intentionally to hurt me. I need your help in getting my medicine ASAP and correcting this billing issue. Dr Mark Bechtel and his staff are intentionally causing me more stress and anxiety. I am already sick and now "He" is neglecting me thru his intentional actions. Please sign my petition and ask your friends and family to sign too. Update: as of October 31, 2013, Caromont Health paid to have the medication Dr Bechtel and his staff took from me replaced. I was also promised that I would receive all my medical records since some were missing. I will continue to update you as I hear back from Kim and Mary. I am still waiting on my medical records and for the billing issues to be fixed. Thank you everyone for your support.

Annette Abouissa


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