Install Metal Detectors and hire armed Security to Protect Orting Schools

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While gun laws and regulations are being disputed, it is time to protect our children.  No matter which side of the gun law debate you are on, we should all be on the same side of protecting our children while they are in the care of someone else during school.  There are veterans and retired police officers that our district can employ who will protect our children.  Metal detectors can be purchased and with an armed veteran or retired police officer at each open entrance and monitoring the campus outside, we can feel some sense of comfort that no one is getting through to harm our children.  Government buildings have this type of protection, so why are we not doing the same for our children?  Unfortunately, this is the world that we are living in today and it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to ensure our children stay safe.  Help me to encourage our district superintendent Dr. Marci Shepard and Mayor Joshua Penner to make this happen.  Let's be one of the first cities in Washington to take a stand and be a model for other cities to follow!  It is time as parents and citizens that we stand up and demand protection for our children and future generation.  

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