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1. The usage of "Hosanna" in the film conjures up images, not known to be associated with the word, thus intruding into the privacy and sanctity of worship. It's usage in secular pop culture is objectionable, as it trivializes Hosanna, which has been used respectfully internationally down the ages.

2. Hosanna is a prayer in Christian and Jewish liturgies, which cannot be irreverently used in Indian Bollywood mass media, as such usage of scripture / prayers of the other faiths, like Islam or Hinduism would not be tolerated. Why then target Christianity?

3. It is a violation of the laws of the land, which do not allow religious sentiments to be hurt or disharmony between groups or countries to be caused. It is a commercial venture by MNCs for profit, at the cost of religion. Whose interests are being served by it?

4. If not nipped in the bud, such usage will lead to an increased permissive abuse of religion, disturbing a communally sensitive India, where Christians and Jews are micro-minorities, giving them the feeling of being second-class citizens.

5. The picturisation popularized on YouTube shows pelvic thrusts, church backdrops, kissing & intimate scenes, vulgarity & sexual overtones, etc. which implies mocking the religions concerned. It borders on blasphemy and is sacrilegious.

Letter to
Union Information & Broadcasting MInister Ms. Ambika Soni
Fox Star Studios Mr. K. Shriram
Artiste Mr. A.R. Rahman
and 10 others
Artiste Mr. A.R. Rahman
Head, Legal & Business Affairs, Fox Star Studios Ms. Dina Dattani
I & B Secretary Mr. D.P. Reddy, IAS
Union Information & Broadcasting MInister Ms. Ambika Soni
General Secretary, The CSF Joseph Dias
Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Prithviraj Chavan
CEO, CBFC Ms. Pankaja Thakur
Chairperson, CBFC Ms. Leela Samson
The Secretary Mr. V.B. Shetty
Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh
Use of "Hosanna" in Bollywood Movie Hurts Christian & Jewish Religious Sentiments
CSF prayer campaign, call for apology for unintentional hurt & deletion of Hosanna

As you are aware, The CSF is protesting against the disrespectful use of the word "Hosanna" in the movie "Ek Deewana Tha". While Catholics are incensed because it is an integral part of the Holy Mass; Christians and other believers, in a communally sensitive India are upset by profane and trivial use of the word; Civil society, which values the freedoms and sentiments of citizens, especially the micro-minorities, like Christians and Jews, are also upset.

This is a classic case of commercial interests, abusing religion in secular pop culture to reap profits, as such usage is not warranted in the film. Here briefly is our case - why we want you to sign-up so that we can make an effective representation to the Censor Board and government. A writ-petition against the might of multi-nationals like Fox Star Studio, Sony Music and artistes like AR Rahman, lyricist Javed Akhtar and producers, with big financial muscles, might be difficult and hence, all of us need to act together once again.

Your signature on this petition will decide, how the authorities and the film / music industry deal with matters of special concern to us as a micro-minority in India.

* Hosanna is part of the Holy Mass & solemn in Jewish Liturgy too.

* It is not a greeting or blessing. It is part of a "ritual" thus spiritual - not to be made a song & dance of.

* It now conjures images of a movie, while one is at Holy Mass or worshipping – Why? Who's responsible?

* Would it have been done with other faiths like Koranic verses or Mantras / Chalisas of Hinduism or such scriptures?

* Who benefits with such usage and why are the authorities not acting as fast on this violation of the laws of the land?

The CSF asks - If such instances are allowed, are we to expect secular usage of other prayers used in pop / disco / heavy metal music like – The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Angelus, Memorarae, Divine Mercy Chaplet...? Our religious sentiments are hurt also because we don’t pray the Hosanna, as picturised in the song, which can be seen in the link below:

Watch the video for objectionable -
* Pelvic thrusts
* Church backdrops
* Kissing & intimate scenes
* Vulgarity and sexual overtones

The Hosanna usage in the context of a story that has the boy, falling in love with a girl, who belongs to an orthodox Malayali Christian family in which watching movies, partying or falling in love are completely taboo. It is insulting to make a song and dance of the prayer / scripture of any religion and in very bad taste. It is also not absolutely essential to the film and those responsible can certainly do without it.

Pray for Respect to Religion

Sony Music has filed a caveat, a copy of which was served on The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF), urging prior intimation, with respect to any application made, if seeking a stay / injunction or any other ad-interim relief. This is understandable, in the wake of the distinct possibility of such an application, given the hurt religious sentiments. As true Christians, we are appealing to you to keep the issue in prayer, since that is what our faith teaches us - to forgive and pray, even for our enemies. Pray that the faith is not trivialised by the onslaught of mass media, in order that we may Worship in Spirit and in Truth, without external influences - free to concentrate on our prayers.

Fox Star Studio on their own behalf and that of the producers, RS Infotainment and Photon Khataas, besides Sony Music have in a communication to The CSF said that neither they, nor the artist (AR Rahman) or lyricist (Javed Akhtar) "intended to insult or hurt any individual or organisations' religious sentiments or beliefs", to which The CSF response is, "intentional” or not, the use of "Hosanna" as we have seen is sacrilegious and has resulted in hurting the religious sentiments of the Christians and Jews around the world.

We therefore demand that, if those concerned are genuine about their intentions, then an apology be issued immediately and the word Hosanna be deleted from the song. The letter from those concerned, implies that rather than rectifying the situation, they have resorted to justifying use of "Hosanna" with no regret or remorse expressed.

What Hosanna is not
It is not a casual "greeting or blessing", but a prayer, which is sacred and uttered spiritually in Christian and Jewish liturgies, referring to God or Jesus Christ. It is more akin to the Islamic call Azaan, which is treated reverentially or the scripture verses and worship prayers of any other faith. No other religion will tolerate such abuse and hence, have been spared. There would have been riots the world over. Are we being singled out because we don't make enough noise?

Holy Mass & Catholic usage
According to The CSF, Hosanna is not a common parlance religious terminology and is part of The Sanctus (Latin: Holy), a hymn from Christian liturgy, forming part of the Order of Mass. The Sanctus is sung or said as the final words of the Preface of the Eucharistic Prayer, the prayer of consecration of the bread and wine. The Roman Missal, which is used daily by Catholics has The Sanctus prominently states as -

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts.
Heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.

The "Hosanna Anthem", based on the phrase Hosanna, is a traditional Moravian anthem written by Bishop Christian Gregor sung on Palm Sunday and the first Sunday of Advent. It is antiphonal, i.e. a call-and-response song for worshipers and religious followers in the rituals.

Festival Prayer in Judaistic Rituals
Among the Jews, Hosanna means "please save or save now". In Jewish liturgy, the word is applied specifically to the Hosanna Service, a cycle of prayers from which a selection is sung each morning during Sukkot, the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles. The complete cycle is sung on the seventh day of the festival, which is called Hoshana Rabbah, "Great Hosanna". This festival was associated with a ceremonial drawing of water which, it was believed, secured fertilizing rains in the following year; the penalty for abstinence was drought.

The CSF calls upon the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and Indian authorities to enforce the law, terming the mention as violation of at least Section 5B of The Cinematograph Act, 1952, which specifies the principles for guidance in certifying films. The CSF points out that these are -
(1) A film shall not be certified for public exhibition if, in the opinion of the authority competent to grant the certificate, the film or any part of it is against the interests of 2 the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or involves defamation or contempt of court or is likely to incite the commission of any offence.

The CSF also calls upon the CBFC to deny a certificate on the above ground and if a certificate has been issued, then to withdraw the same. The CBFC has not even checked with the concerned Christian and Jewish religious authorities, before permitting usage of Hosanna, as required by law. The CSF urges the Union Information and Broadcasting ministry to issue additional directions to the CBFC, where religious sensibilities are hurt, as such issues are becoming more frequent. This is provided for under sub-section 2 of the said Section 5B of The Cinematograph Act, 1952.

Justifications for usage in latest instance
AR Rahman in a reported media interview said that he had spent "several months doing research before composing the song and consulted friends who are Christian about the usage" to which The CSF response is - All Rahman had to do was Google or ask the clergy or religious heads, who are the appropriate authorities.

Another justification sought to be made out is that the Hosanna mention was earlier made in the Tamil version of the film, to which there was no outcry. The CSF points out that a mention in the vernacular, with limited reach, could have possibly be missed, but not in the national language, Hindi and English. The vast expanse of Bollywood ensures all those involved make a fast buck at the cost of the religion, held sacred by believers.

Here are reported lyrics -

Dil.. hote jo..
Mere seene mein do
Doosra dil bhi mein
Tumhe deta todhne ko ..

Ho..o.. Hossana.. Hosanna..oo
Ho..o.. Hossana.. Hosanna..oo

Dilkash thi woh shaam
Pehle peher jabke tumse mili thi nazar
Aisa chakkar aaya ke
Ab yeh na jaanu ke
Jaun toh jaun kidhaar ??
Tu samne thi ek paal

Agle he paal thi ojhal
Abb kya bataaon main
Kis haal mein hoon main ?
Yaha waha bus apna
Dil aur hosh dhunta hoon main

Madhoshi deewangi
Main aur teri bandagi
Ab hai yehi zindagi

Everybody wanna know I feel like a i like a
I really want to be here with you ..
Is that enough to say that ..
We are made for each other,
It’s love that is hosanna true ..
Hosanna.. Be there when u callin’ I will be there
Hosanna..Feeling like my whole life will changed..
I never want to be the same..
Its time we rearrange
I take a step,
You take a step and me calling out to you..
Hello ..



Udhati hui titalli(butterfly) ki rangeen parchayi
Reh jaati hai phoolon mein
Waise hi tum ik tasveer ke jaise
Chahye ho inn aankhon mein
Tum joh mera khwaab ho
Dil kyun na betaab ho

Kahoon toh kya kahoon
Main kyun dewaana hoon
Tumhare baare mein hi
Har ghadi main sochta hoon kyun

Ab din ho ya raat ho
Dil chahe tum saath ho
Bus haathon mein haath ho

Dil.. hote jo..
Mere seene mein do
Doosra dil bhi mein
Tumhe deta todhne ko ..

Dil.. hote jo..
Mere seene mein do
Doosra dil bhi mein
Tumhe deta todhne ko ..