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Special Appeal to get the word "Hosanna" removed from the song

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1. The usage of "Hosanna" in the film conjures up images, not known to be associated with the word, thus intruding into the privacy and sanctity of worship. It's usage in secular pop culture is objectionable, as it trivializes Hosanna, which has been used respectfully internationally down the ages.

2. Hosanna is a prayer in Christian and Jewish liturgies, which cannot be irreverently used in Indian Bollywood mass media, as such usage of scripture / prayers of the other faiths, like Islam or Hinduism would not be tolerated. Why then target Christianity?

3. It is a violation of the laws of the land, which do not allow religious sentiments to be hurt or disharmony between groups or countries to be caused. It is a commercial venture by MNCs for profit, at the cost of religion. Whose interests are being served by it?

4. If not nipped in the bud, such usage will lead to an increased permissive abuse of religion, disturbing a communally sensitive India, where Christians and Jews are micro-minorities, giving them the feeling of being second-class citizens.

5. The picturisation popularized on YouTube shows pelvic thrusts, church backdrops, kissing & intimate scenes, vulgarity & sexual overtones, etc. which implies mocking the religions concerned. It borders on blasphemy and is sacrilegious.

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