Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India and UPSC: Pl withdraw the decision to make English Language compulsory for UPSC Exams

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Jai Hind Dear Indians

The GOI has taken a very drastic decision to oust all Indian Languages from UPSC Exams and making English a compulsory subject. If you really love India and have proud on its reach cultural heritage you must oppose this decision. We are not against English but why GOI is downgrading Indian Languages. They must understand that Indian Languages are far better than English and we shall not allow them to impose English.

Why we should oppose:

1. The decision is against the Article 351 of the Constitution.
2. Students of Indian language medium will be completely deprived of such exams. Dalits and students from Rural India will be largely affected. Their representation will reduce drastically in next 2-3 years.
3. This decision is against Aam Admi.
4. This decision will impact future of all Indian Languages in very negative mode.
5. Those who are supporting this decision, are people who always want to fool Aam Admi by using English as the mean of opperation b'coz babus In GOI have tendency to create all plans, policies, benefits, acts, laws in this Language only so that Aam Aadmi (Lay Indian) will never be in a position to argue since he cant raise voice against such policies b'coz he does not understand this foreign language, without understanding it, you can't say anything.
6. This is straitght forward imposition of English in the name of development and broadminded vision. Learning of English is ok but why we are compelled?
7. This way GOI want to down grade and oust all indian languages whether it is Hindi, or Marathi, or Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Malyalam. Development is not reaching to the real beneficiaries because it is not explained/made known in the languages of people of India, Since people can't understand English, they can't  demand their rights,  they are always on the mercy of beaurocrats.
8. GOI can't amend constitution or the Official Language Act, 1963 in present scenario therefore they have chosen a way out so that they can make English as the sole Official Language of India after 4-5 years when people will not be in a position to oppose and the then IAS/IPS having English background shall be running the Government of India, who shall prefer only English.
9. If English were not there in our Indian system, India would have been a developed country like Japan, China, France or UAE b'coz no developed country or even various developing small countries have accepted and promoted any foreign language as official language in their country and their nationals were allowed to flourish in their own languages without having fear of translation tactics.

10. GOI must promote Indian languages and make alteast one Indian Language learning compulsory for people residing in India and appearing for such national level exams in addition to their own mother tongue of their choice. People have to decide the 2nd Indian Language, which they would like to learn.

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