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Request for a New Interim Superintendent at Woodlynne Elementary

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This petition is to specifically request a new Interim Superintendent be assigned to the Woodlynne Elementary School District in Camden County, NJ immediately at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year, which keeps the students best interest in mind limiting disruption as the school year will have ended. The community is requesting a new Interim Superintendent be placed in our district for the 2017-2018 school year or until the vacated Superintendent position is filled. This petition will be sent to Dr. Lovell Pugh-Bassett, Interim Executive County Superintendent for Camden County Schools.

Our current Interim Superintendent Dr. McCulley was assigned to the school when our former Superintendent moved on to a new district. This is a standard policy to have an Interim which is intended to be temporary while a replacement Superintendent is vetted through a candidate search. A proposed Shared Services suddenly appeared without correct communication to parents, taxpayers, residents and teachers which caused a community uproar. Consequently, the agreement between the two was denied by the NJ Department of Education.

Rather then swiftly try to fill the absent position with a qualified candidate, the Interim Superintendent has expressed interest in having the former Superintendent re-apply again to be a Shared District, which was briefly spoken upon during the April Woodlynne BOE meeting. Our children have been without a dedicated Superintendent for a entire school year, and now may potentially have to wait another full year while the process is completely vetted which will be faced by opposition from the community yet again. This is unacceptable, there are many reasons as to why the residents, parents, and teachers have voiced their opposition to a Shared Superintendent with Pennsauken and now they will have to continue to fight this proposed plan.

During the April 11th BOE Meeting, Dr. McCulley stated 8 Resumes for the vacated Superintendent position were received but he felt they were not really qualified. Applications closed on April 3rd, and BOE Members HAD NOT SEEN or REVIEWED any of the submitted resumes, and they immediately requested to review them. Dr. McCulley stated they would have one hour before the May 4th scheduled BOE Meeting to review. Why were members of our BOE not allowed to be a part of the hiring process? The role of a school board member is to fill faculty positions, yet Dr. McCulley did not forward or share any received resumes and personally deemed them "not really qualified".

We, the community  feel there is a conflict of interest in having McCulley remain in our district.. While we thank Dr. McCulley for temporarily performing administrative duties in our school, clearly his intention all along has been on attempting to lock in a proposed Shared Services agreement with another district which this community has already voiced they have no interest in and will continue to fight.

If a Shared Services agreement with Pennsauken for Superintendent is ever approved, he will move on to the next district because this is not his community, he will not be here to see the effects on our children and their education and he will not be here when our kids are used as pawns to for tuition money eventually at Pennsauken High School. I urge all parents, teachers and community members to continue to stand up and fight for Woodlynne and our children, their education is at stake.

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