LIU Post 18 Credit Initiative Negation Petition

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We want to express to Dr. Cline and the LIU Post community our concerns with the newly revised 18 credit policy. In this policy, students will be charged an extra $1000 per credit they take over the 18 credit limit. Even though it was stated that this policy "does not impact many students in the College of Arts, Communications & Design," it leaves many of us, specifically the music education / performance and musical theater majors, with the threat of late graduation.  Both of these degrees were designed to be very rigorous and most of the time require students to exceed the credit limit in order to stay on track for graduation without considering elective classes for extra enrichment.  On the top of the fact that tuition is currently $37,613 which increases yearly,with out considering the extra expenses of commuting, room and board, books etc, many are faced with a situation in which they already can't pay tuition and it is most likely that it is too late to transfer from Post. 

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