Petition Closed

The Community Physiotherapy Service provides small group-based rehabilitation programs for mostly elderly patients living with chronic diseases. This vital service supports older West Australians dealing with diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke victims and those with respiratory and cardiac conditions. For many, it is the difference between living independent lives and being forced to move into aged care centres.

WA Health Minister Kim Hames is refusing to adequately fund the Community Physiotherapy Service saying the program should be paid for via complex temporary Federal-State funding. We say our elderly deserve better than temporary fixes and buck passing.

Letter to
Minister for Health Dr Kim Hames
Thank you for recognising how important the Community Physiotherapy Service is and providing additional funding through to September 2013.

Unfortunately, it's just not enough. This service requires long-term, stable funding as the programs are up to 12 weeks duration and there is a lead time to put them in place.

The Community Physiotherapy Service provides a vital service to people suffering diseases like Parkinson’s, lung diseases and other illness. These people are often elderly and only able to live independent lives as a result of the support they receive from this group. The loss of these programs will see many of the recipients with little choice but to access Hospital services or enter aged care.

We believe the funding of this program needs to be restored and ask your Government to take this important step, and as part of the State Budget planning process.