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Restore Integrity and Ethics to the Upper Perkiomen School Board

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As Upper Perkiomen School District Constituents, we request/petition for the willful resignation or removal of Raeann Hofkin from the Upper Perkiomen School Board.

School Board Directors are to follow an ethics policy set forth by the Public School Board Association, as well as particulars established by individual school districts. Below are highlighted items from the ethics policy specific to The Upper Perkiomen School District, which we find Raeann Hofkin has neglected to recognize and implement as an active Upper Perkiomen School Board Director.

Raeann Hofkin's inability to align with the ethics policy, by her words and actions, is representative of a neglect of duty and we ask Dr. Kerry Drake, President of the Board of Directors, to relieve her of her committee assignments and request her resignation. We insist on holding our School Directors, as elected officials, to a standard of conduct within the expectations set forth by the Upper Perkiomen School District's Ethics Policy. 

Evidence of Neglect of Duty to Uphold the Ethics Policy
"As members of the local Board of Directors, representing  the citizens of our school district, we agree: 

To take the initiative in helping all the people of this community to have all the facts, all the time, about their schools, to the end that they will readily provide the finest possible program, staff, and facilities."
Raeann Hofkin endorsed and presented a deceptive tax calculator as fact on her UPCC Facebook page and linked website (link below). Willful failure to update the 2017 tax increase to represent the actual approved tax increase of 3% represents an intentional misleading of the community, and inhibited community members’ understanding the impact of a planned middle school construction project.       

This misinformation was also spread through the press:                                                                                                                                     

 Finally, community members report that Ms. Hofkin knocked on doors to inform residents of an inflated tax increase due to the Middle School Construction Project.

 "To work with our fellow constituents in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that arise during vigorous debate of points at issue."

 There are countless examples of Ms. Hofkin insulting, belittling, and blocking constituents and educators on her political Facebook ("Upper Perk Concerned Citizens") as well as her personal comments on social media and during school board meetings.  

A small sampling of inappropriate comments made to constituents: 

"low information voter.  You think you understand.  You're young and inexperienced  It's okay, we've all been there.  Then most of us grow up."

"[a UPSD parent] is acting dumb"

"[a UPSD teacher] is a snake."

"he who stirs the shit pot should lick the spoon."

"The calculator is an estimated calculator and what [a UPSD parent] fails to mention to you (maybe because he wasn't bright enough to figure it out himself) is that the UPCC calculator is closer to reality than the district estimated calculator….you could guess how much increase would be if I wasn't on the board to shine the light on the scare tactics used year after year.  He's one of the district puppets who only pays attention part of the time and follows talking points.  Average low information voter."

"To base our personal decision upon all available facts in each situation; to vote our honest conviction in every case, un-swayed by partisan bias of any kind."

Ms. Hofkin is a fringe extremist who believes all taxation is theft.  As a result, she is clearly focused on lowering taxes, not the needs of students in the district.

She recruited and ran three new school board candidates who only agreed with her view of the school.

On PTCC FB page:

"My district tried hard to shove a new Middle School down the community throats.  I ran 4 people for seats on the board.  All 4 won.  I tried several times to stop the construction  but the majority of the board continued to shove…" 

"To resist every temptation and outside pressure to use our position as school board members to benefit ourselves above the total interest of the school district." 

We believe she will use this campaign and our district as a stepping stone for her political career ambitions.  

 Here, she used her board position to promote her credentials as a Tea Party activist:

Ms. Hofkin is actively researching support for her irrational belief that there is criminal activity taking place within UPSD.  She is looking for malfeasance where these clearly is none and disparaging the character of current and former fellow board members.   

From UPCC Facebook page: 

"After the forensic audit, the real numbers will be released.  Until then, whatever number you see, we suggest you request to see the invoices and canceled checks."


All quotes and citations are substatiated via screen shots or archived links.  Please let us know if you'd like additional information.  



















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