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digital robbery from my state Bank of india account :42,92000000

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I have an NGO Kolkata Effort which is a movement for social change inwhich for the last eight years i had to raise money todo my projects which meant i had to forgo alot of luxuries to accomplish my goals 

I also came into owership of Dharbanga properties In 2014 siddha group  and the others without my consent smashed the heritage building on 42 chorwinghee Raod and built a High rise - a toltal contrast to the heritage  structure An email sent to Hafiz archetecture was to rennnovate not break this beautiful structure. 

encroachment on the proerty was one thing  but not even bothered to acknowlege their blunder and the gates with insgnia KS were flung to one side The siddha people moved their office  from park street to chowringhee.

I and my son were residing at Siddha town Kaikali  During whcih time our lives were made miserable when we wanted to vacate the place they would notleyt us take our things leave and they wanted to lock us up in the building . We tried may times to go back but they would not let us enter When I apporacahed the Siddha legal wing they said they are have nothng to do with the landlord towhom we gave the entire house deposit . yet each time we contacted the landlord he wanted three lakhs from us after locking us out wehn we informed me that we were vacating and he agreed to let us go, he suddenly asked for three lakhs.. I live by faith and we do not spend our money on shoppng on useless thiongs but live sacrifically for the socail causes we set out to do.

I had  a tough time after that .. no home we had to take shelter in different freinds houuse butno one could keep us for a long time.Then my mother in law Mrs Irene andrews requested my mother to orgnise a place to stay My mother was on her way to America so she organised a make shift palce in jadvpur wiht  a box of old clothers and a bed that was all adn some items. We are grateful for the kindness and some money. this was in 2015 . I ahd gone to Ripon Street in the evening to collect a gas when i found two big whoppingtrucks parked there I thought they were filled with cosntruction material Utpal he works for my mother said that it was from Hindustan Lever .. It occurred to me that those were goods from Nestle that were requested from my NGO for the victims of J& K and to be givne to Red Cross for dsitrribution . I was phoned my friend Smita Joshipuira whose husband was in Hindstan lever and asked her wheter the goods were from Hinduistan lever and she said no My mother insited that the trucks were from Loreto School and were parked there I went to Loreto school and the Principal aid that she had no clueof the subject ...

however we had no choice to do anything I heard that many people stuffed their cars and vehilcles and tookl the products home ... I did not get to see one item 

my relationship with Dr karan singh began in an email on the J& K issue and began in 2014 In Delhi in october 2015 i requested an MP from my Kerela Community for a proper introduction to Dr Karan Singh I was in Delhi to meet Mr Devendra Rana NC for a project for women in Nagrota( till today i dont now what became of that project) i returned to Kolkata and sent a gift of three bottles of lIiquid cholorophyll to Dr akran singh and also for Gangadhar's father, whom I prayed for his recovery I was told by Gangadhar that "HisHighness will respond with a blessng, " I was surprised because i did not expect anything. It did not matter waht the gift was eihter that Dr karan singh received my humble offering was a happiness to me but if he did give anythng even if it were a one ruppee coin i would worn it as an ornament. Two years have gone and nothing yet.. 

Then on 28/11/2016 Rs 42,9200000.00.00 I found out from an Ombudsman statement I also saiw an MOD being flaoted in my account on 03/062017Rs 71541 cash when I tried to access the amount i could not.  By eveing the amount came to 534.00 rupees i immedaitely made an FIR I went to the main branch in Strand raod but no one listend A false call for credit cards made me wirte to the OMbudsman in state Bank of inda inwhich i hold my account Here i notedthe break up of 42,9200000.00 which was removed from state bank of India Lenin Sarani branch teh bank statements proved that the money was being spent I went from desk to desk in the  jeevan deep building kolkata but they refused to do anything about it I regsitereda compalint and i wrote to RBI and to Arun jaitely, i also wrote to Interpol i need that money because it was scacrifically given to me to spend it any way i want >it wa in my bank account which is a  single account I was told the Bank manager was at liberty to do what he/ she feels wiht my account.. I struggled aot so this money came so i could do my projects and build my own life 

please do click a support on my plea to recover my mooney and get my blessing from Dr karan Singh I would never give any gift away to anybody. I also need the liberty to decide what i need to do wiht my life and my money and my money will help me make the right decsions and put me where i actually belong I live a vry godly life I dont drinkl smoke and i love to do my social work I love my countryIndia and would never break the laws of the land I am a chrisitian by faiht and love Jesus with all my heart  soul and Mind I paint and write poetry. I have plenty of lady friends 

iam medically and mentally fit and a very happy calm person despite the difficulties i faced , My prayerful life ( getting up at 3am to pray for all the Leaders of India and those who are dear to me ) saw me though these days I have a good reuptaion where i live in picnic garden, the place which my mohter rented for me  to stay.i laso discovered that the address we gave for mailing our letters was russel street wehre my mother was resideing but we would not receive anything except the Jesus Calls magazine I wisdh the robber took the magazine then maybe he would have received a change  of mind and repented of his wrong doing! Jesus asks us to have a forgiving heart so please if you were to accept my pettiion then i will recover all.

I need my status, my ownership and my money becasue i worked for  it honestly and with faith and trust in God.

i humbly request your support in this matter.

Thanking you,


Vandana Pavamani

Kolkata Effort Owner 9007276788


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