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Ban Maltese "Karrozin" as a Tourist Attraction

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Dear Dr. Muscat,

Each summer in Malta is a blissful time for residents and tourists, yet a time a suffering for the island's horses used to pull the karrozin ferrying tourists to various destinations. The oppressive heat which unfailingly cloaks Malta every year brings the sight of unsheltered and dehydrated horses. This unwelcome spectacle taints the vista of our beautiful and historic country.

The forced servitude these horses endure has been unequivocally deemed to be animal abuse by the majority of the western world, where employment of these dignified creatures in this manner has been outlawed. It is true there are those who accept rides on the karrozin due to ignorance of the animals' plight, but the majority of people flinch at the sight of this treatment.  

Aside from the negative effects of the punishing heat, there are several reasons why horse pulled carts have been found to be cruel. Because the horses work in bustling cities and breathe in exhaust fumes, they frequently get very sick and have problems with their lungs. They walk through traffic even though it can cause them a lot of stress. Walking on hard ground for many hours a day, they often have serious leg problems. Ultimately, when they can no longer pull a cart, they are frequently killed. 

I will aim to gather 15,000 signatures to bring this to your attention. I am confident that there are many others who also feel as strongly on the matter.

As Prime Minister of a proud Republic which is historically known for its correct application of justice, we beseech you to end this suffering now.

Yours sincerely,

The Maltese Public

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