Fair reduction in workload for IPS 305: Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence

Fair reduction in workload for IPS 305: Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence

February 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by IPS 305 Student

Every IPS student is aware of the accelerated nature of each 7 week course in the online program.  Managing an academic workload from week to week can be challenging for many students, online or otherwise.  Stress and frustration can build mid semester and is usually a result of mounting assignments, research, and studying associated each class. Conversely there may be some students who are afforded the luxury of a relaxed schedule with more available time to devote to heavier course workloads. 

The reality is that a large number of students enrolled in the Integrated Professional Studies online program at UNCG are adult students with family responsibilities, full-time job requirements, multiple class workloads, and likely maintain personal and or community obligations.  Getting through each course successfully can many times be accompanied with excessive stress and anxiety to meet requirements and fully complete assignments on time.  There is also the pressure of attaining suitable level of comprehension and retention of the course material and meeting learning outcomes. 

IPS 305: Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence is one course with a particularly absurd amount of assigned readings, independent research, writing assignments, video viewing, group assignments, and quizzes. The assigned reading is particularly exorbitant for students to achieve competence in the material required for successful completion of the course. 

If you are a current Spring 2020 IPS 305: Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence student and agree with the grievances outlined below, please sign this petition. 

1. I find the workload and weekly assignments to be excessive for my competence and meeting the learning outcomes of the IPS 305.

2. The workload and assigned readings for IPS 305 produces personal stress and anxiety from week to week. 

3.  I demand the University of North Carolina at Greensboro administration and IBPS Online program directors, along with course instructor Dr.
Joseph A. Ross take action to a fairly reduce the workload and assigned requirements of the IPS 305 course. Effective Spring 2020 semester and future classes.  

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Signatures: 25Next Goal: 50
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  • Dr. Joseph A. Ross