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Increase security measures in the Northgate School District

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The Northgate School District has security measures already:

  • Having Officer Hudson (The School Resource Officer/a Bellevue Police Officer) at the Middle/High School. 
  • Putting in a gate at Bellevue Elementary. 
  • Having the Avalon Police outside of Avalon during dismissal.

However, these cannot stop someone dangerous from getting in easily. As a student who is currently enrolled at Northgate MS/HS, who's parents went there, and who's siblings are going there right now, I propose this: we need increased security measures at the schools, especially the Middle/High School. My evidence to propose this is the following:

  • At the Middle/High School, and throughout the day at Avalon, all we have to protect us is a button to unlock the main door. That's all we have
  • At Northgate, we have had shooting threats, people bringing drug paraphernalia on campus, and countless bomb threats in all three schools. 
  • In light of the recent mass school shootings in the US: Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and most recently Parkland in Florida, among many others. 
  • If it's a fellow student, like at Parkland, people will recognize them and let them in if they see said person at any of the other doors.
  • We only have lockdown/shelter-in-place drills once a year if that, meanwhile Fire Drills happen every 1-2 months.
  • Regarding my last point: if we DID have an actual lockdown, we wouldn't know what to do because we've never had a lockdown drill before. 

 Again, as a fellow student who has been in the Northgate School District since Kindergarten, I would hate for something tragic, let alone dangerous, to happen in our school district; since we're such a tight-knit community. I hope you sign my petition, not only for yourselves, but for the lives you might be saving.

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