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Stop Using School Dress Code as a Source of Size Discrimination Among Young Women

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How many of us have had to sit by idly while the ones we love have faced any of the many forms of discrimination that exist in the world today? It's time to take a stand and to continue the fight to knock down the walls of discrimination.

It's time to take a stand against size discrimination that is being shown at Latta Middle School located in Latta, South Carolina. For too long, the rules have only been enforced for those who do not have "connections" within the school system.

Our young ladies are given so many restrictions on what they can and cannot wear, instead of us expecting our young boys to behave as gentleman and to not treat women as sex objects. These restrictions are even harder to accommodate for certain individuals. 

Most major fashion designers make their clothes to be form-fitting in one way or another, it's the style. Yes, there are certain things that should not be allowed to be worn in a public school setting. With that being said, there are certain things within the dress code that make it extremely hard for young ladies of a fuller figure to be able to dress "appropriately".

What makes matters worse is that we have a crooked, unfair administration that takes it upon themselves only to enforce these rules on those that they see fit. We get offered time and time again the excuse that "We didn't catch that person violating our policy," or "Oh, it must have slipped by us this time." Countless times, we have all witnessed that certain students get away with way more than other students and it's just NOT FAIR.

It's time to demand equality. It's time to demand respect from your young gentleman for our young women. It's time to demand that discrimination ceases against our full-figured students. It's time to hold the people who get paid with our tax money accountable.

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