UCF: Expel Luke Stribling for Egregious Torture And Death of His 17 Week Old Puppy

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University of Central Florida student Luke Stribling was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. on September 30, 2016, for "tormenting, mutilating and ultimately killing his 17-week-old Shiba Inu puppy, Julian". Deputies arrested Stribling on (2) charges of animal cruelty under Florida Animal Cruelty law: 828.12. Cruelty to animals and booked into Orange County Jail on both felony counts of cruelty to animals. The arrest came after results of a necropsy on his puppy became available.

Media Video of Luke Stribling Upon Release From Orange County Jail

Luke Stribling originally brought Julian to the East Orlando Animal Hospital on June 12, 2016, where he told the veterinary doctors that Julian had fallen down a flight of stairs and had trouble walking for two days. Julian's left forelimb (leg) was x-rayed and then a cast was applied.

Orlando Sentinel Media Report

On June 26, Luke Stribling brought the deceased Julian to a different animal facility, Waterford Lakes Animal Clinic, still wearing the cast on his tiny leg. X-rays found Julian had a fractured rib, sternum and abdomen and had been beaten to death. Waterford Lakes Animal Clinic contacted Animal Control. Upon questioning by investigators, Stribling admitted that he “hit and punched the dog multiple times because he was frustrated” with Julian for urinating in his student house.

A necropsy indicated the puppy suffered severe internal injuries, traumatic lesions including a hemorrhaging eye, liver and brain and head injuries.

Friends of Stribling told investigators he had punched the dog for urinating inside his University of Central Florida-area apartment.

Luke Stribling knowingly and willfully abused and murdered a small puppy for urinating in his apartment. He struck and kicked tiny Julian so hard that the puppy sustained fractures prior to the later abuse that caused his death. Luke Stribling tortured his puppy and then allowed him to shake with pain for days before seeking medical care. Then, even with a cast on his broken leg, Luke Stribling continued to punch and kick little Julian until he succeeded in killing him. He admitted this to Animal Control as well as the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. Upon his release from jail he told the media that he "felt remorseful" and had no further comment.

We as a civilized society recognize that animals are living, sentient beings that do not deserve to be tortured and killed. There can be no tolerance for animal abuse let alone murder. Julian died because from multiple injuries inflicted on him by his owner, a college student who was angry at a puppy that he had failed to properly housebreak. Because of Luke Stribling's neglect and irresponsibility as a dog owner, an innocent puppy was subjected to his temper and rage which resulted in little Julian’s abhorrent abuse and egregious death.

We ask of University of Central Florida President Dr. John C. Hitt,  that Luke Stribling be immediately expelled from University of Central Florida and barred from seeking readmission at a later date. We know that Julian the 17 week old puppy’s death was not an isolated incident nor an unfortunate accident because Luke Stribling has admitted to authorities as well as medical professionals that he struck Julian. The puppy was initially treated on June 12, 2016, for a several day old fracture of his left forelimb (leg) which was casted. On June 26, 2016 Luke Stribling brought the deceased Julian to a second veterinary clinic which clearly proves that the abusive torture  continued until Luke Stribling caused the wanton and painful death of his own small puppy.

By dismissing Luke Stribling from the UCF, you will be demonstrating that violence of any type will not be tolerated. You will also be sending a message to current students as well as future ones that UCF has a zero tolerance for abuse of any type.

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