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Sign if you think Wagga's Active Travel paths should be safe

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I'm Beth Castle and I want to ensure that Wagga Wagga City Council builds the safest possible shared active travel path to Forest Hill.

The disused rail corridor is clearly the best route because it satisfies the objectives that Wagga Wagga City Council is trying to achieve from its Active Travel Plan.

Instead, the Council now looks set to build a compromise - an alternative path through suburban areas that goes along footpaths, across 20 extra driveways and crosses busy Vincent Road not once but twice, making it far less safe for me, my children and my grandchildren.

I've fallen off my bike before and I know first-hand how frightening that is. I'm nervous thinking about what might happen to us if a driver pulls out of their driveway in a hurry or if someone running late for work guns their car through the Vincent Road intersection.

Put simply, shared paths must be safe for everyone. If people don't feel safe, they won't use the paths and that will be a huge waste of public money.

Council's own Design Principles document confirms that "safety is consistently identified as the key requirement to encourage new cyclists", yet this recommended route is clearly not the safest.

In July, Councillors will be asked to accept this route, which flies in the face of independent expert advice recommending use of the rail corridor as the safest, most direct and most cost-effective route.

There is huge community support for the Active Travel Network to provide a safe and accessible option for everyone to move around the city, regardless of ability. But crossing busy roads and driveways is just not the answer!

It's time Wagga Wagga City Council, Dr Joe McGirr and all NSW politicians hear the Wagga Wagga community: do this once and do it properly! Open up access to the disused rail corridor and let the people of Wagga have a safe and cost-effective shared trail to Forest Hill.

Please sign, share, and let your voice be heard.

Beth and Paul Castle - Supported by Bicycle Wagga Wagga

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