Cancel Long Beach's Homecoming!

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On Tuesday September 16th my 16 year old cousin was murdered for walking a girl home from a party at her request.  Her ex boyfriend did not like the idea of someone walking her home and decided to ambush my cousin with 7 friends as he hung out at a pizza parlor after school.  As they proceeded to jump my cousin and his friends the ex boyfriend took out a knife and stabbed my baby in his heart.  After undergoing two surgeries, my cousin was pronounced dead at 12:07am on 9/17/19.  There hasn't been an arrest and my family has been threatened along with other students in the Oceanside school district.  As this is a tragedy for my family and I the lives of other children are not safe until these murderers are off the street.  Having Long Beach's homecoming will not be safe for anyone! It doesn't need to be postponed it should be CANCELLED!