Please tell Dr Jen Campbell you oppose W Point Loma Blvd bike lanes in place of two lanes!

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Jennifer Syeda
Jennifer Syeda signed this petition

Dear Dr. Campbell:  We strongly oppose four lanes on West Point Loma Blvd., (between Nimitz Boulevard and Sports Arena Boulevard), being turned into two lanes, leaving hundreds of residents without on-street parking for their adjacent homes.  This will cause more traffic and huge parking problems, as people are already holding up traffic with the four lanes trying to parallel park if they’re lucky enough to even get a spot after work, as many homeowners and residents in this area only get one parking spot, if any, on this street.  These two lanes will permanently be lost, and cause a lot of traffic, parking, and safety issues. The Penninsula Community Planning Board approved these two Class IV protected bike lanes based on an inaccurate survey that was taken on a Wednesday, during street sweeping day.  Please hear our voice. Residents will have nowhere to park, and traffic will be horrendous, on an already congested street.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Concerned Residents and Patrons of Ocean Beach and Point Loma.