The Time is Now, Let's Change the Medfield Mascot Petition for Medfield Alumni

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There is no doubt that Medfield is a great town. With countless athletic championship trophies, a thriving arts program, and stellar academic records, Medfield is a place people feel proud to live in. Yet, that pride is not shown in the mascot. Many residents feel ashamed to wear the mascot on their clothes and jerseys. For those not familiar with the mascot, it is a symbol of a Native American in a traditional Native American headdress. A school’s mascot is supposed to represent the community. According to the most recent US Census, Medfield is 92% white with a 0% Native American population. Using a Native American person as a mascot for a predominantly white school is cultural appropriation. 

It is easy to say that the mascot represents power. I agree that it does. But a Native American symbol should not represent power for a predominately white school! The King Philip's War (which partially took place in Medfield) was one of the most deadly battles between the European Colonists and Native Americans. It was driven by the white people's want for more land and the murder of three innocent Wampanoag men. Many Medfield Public School students, alumni, and residents do not know about this history. Due to this lack of education, the Medfield mascot is assumed to represent Medfield’s history. Using that logic, the current mascot represents Medfield’s history or stealing Native American land and European Colonists murdering innocent people. That should not be the case. The mascot needs to change. 


Problematic mascots are not a problem specific to Medfield. There are current bills going through the Massachusetts State House, H.443 and S.247, fighting to prohibit the use of Native American mascots throughout the state. Yet, due to COVID-19, this bill is not moving very fast. So, it is important that we take local action to change the mascot as soon as possible. The town of Millis is currently working on changing its mascot which also culturally appropriates Native American culture. By signing this petition, you are showing to the Medfield School Committee and Superintendent Dr. Marsden that changing the Medfield Public School’s mascot is necessary! Please share this petition with all Medfield Public School alumni. There needs to be change now! Thank you.