Medical Council Of India: Punish Dr. Sunil Kumar for murdering my husband.

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Medical Council Of India: Punish Dr. Sunil Kumar for murdering my husband.

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Aparna Apte Gupta started this petition to Dr Jayshreeben Mehta (Medical Council of India)

On August 13, 2016, my 45 year old husband Ajay Gupta was training for his Ironman triathlon, when Dr. Sunil Kumar ruthlessly killed him on the road.

After hitting his cycle, Dr. Kumar’s car forcefully dragged my husband on the road until he hit the pavement and stopped.

According to the post mortem report Ajay’s injuries were beyond tolerance, his skull was comminuted, left clavicle fractured and so was his left shoulder joint, his sternum was badly fractured and multiple ribs were broken. While he was being dragged on the road, his left ankle was amputated, and a lacerated wound opened on the left side of his arm. There was no way Ajay could have survived this accident.

Dr. Sunil, true to his profession, should have rushed my husband to a hospital to attempt saving his life. Instead, Dr. Sunil Kumar stepped out of the car and ran away! This is a violation of the single most important principle that every doctor stands for - saving lives.

Millions of people die due to road accidents in India, but this is not just any road accident. It`s a violation of our trust in doctors and their work ethics.

I want justice for my husband Ajay. I want our 1 year old baby Kabir to grow up knowing, that his father`s killer received appropriate punishment. One of the ways that IS possible is if you support my petition and get the Medical Council of India to punish Dr. Sunil Kumar, thus ensuring that no doctor ever does this again. I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.

I cannot do this alone. I have immense faith in the power of many, which is why I started this petition. I need as much support as I can get from you.

Will you sign my petition and share it with your friends and family?

By his conduct, Dr. Kumar has breached the conditions set out under the Indian Medical Council (Professional conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002.

What this doctor did to my husband should not go unpunished. I will not rest till Ajay gets justice. More people signing my petition will let the Indian Medical Council know that citizens are looking up to them to ensure that doctors who run away from duty have no place in the society.

Join me and ask the Medical Council of India to punish Dr. Sunil Kumar by: 

1.     Initiating the appropriate punishment and disciplinary action as per Section 8 of the aforesaid 2002 Regulations against Dr. Sunil Kumar including

2.     His expulsion from the Army Command Hospital

3.     Ordering the deletion of the name of Dr. Sunil Kumar from the register of medical practitioners.

4.     Barring him from continuing his medical practice.

I have already filed an FIR and I am now preparing for the first hearing.

As an independent body, the Medical Council of India needs to take responsibility to ensure that the doctors practicing under their banner are ethical and humane.

Thankfully the police and court ordered a thorough investigation despite Dr. Sunil Kumar's attempts to foil it.

Please sign the petition right now and help me and my son get justice.


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This petition had 5,133 supporters