Prevent Employment of Anesthesiologist Assistants at Trihealth Facilities

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To whom it may concern,

We, the CRNAs who provide anesthesia services through Seven Hills Anesthesia do highly disagree with the consideration and/or employment of Anesthesiologist Assistants(AA) to provide services at any Trihealth facility or facility covered by the Seven Hills Anesthesia group. We do have major concerns regarding their training, medical background, skill level, and scope of practice.

-The state of Kentucky recognizes the limitation in AA training and background, requiring additional training in order to practice.
-The state of Ohio in the Ohio Revised Code recognizes their limitations by mandating they have to practice only under medical direction and only at hospitals, not at ambulatory surgery centers, office based anesthesia, and never under medical supervision.
-The Center of Medicare and Medicaid recognize AA limitations of skill and practice by not allowing them to bill QZ(CRNA only non-medically directed) mandating that they be medically directed 100% of the time.
-The ASA recognizes the capacity of perpetrating medical fraud through a study which showed medical direction models show a lapse of direction in a 1:2 supervision ratio 35% of the time and 65% of the time in a 1:3 ratio.

For these reasons we ask Trihealth Administration and Seven Hills Anesthesia to not employ or consider employment of any Anesthesiologist Assistants.

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