Have CSULB produce locking doors for every classroom and facility on campus

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Alexis Wolfe
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With the recent event involving a credible threat to the California State University, Long Beach campus (10/7/19), it has come to the attention of the student body that some doors to classrooms and other campus facilities do not lock or only lock from the outside. Videos and pictures were posted via Twitter showcasing students putting desks, overhead projectors, and chairs in front of doors that do not lock. Students also tried to tie the doors together with cables or other items they had nearby. This is unacceptable and unsafe for CSULB students. This petition is designed by a CSULB student who agrees that doors need to have locks (and be able to be locked) in the event of such threats and/or school lock-downs. Sign this petition if you believe that university campuses need to have locking doors to protect their students, faculty and staff from an active shooter or other.  

The photo above was found via Twitter from @nyeridarling at 5 p.m. (10/7).